Garrison Feldman
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Lakes, rivers, oceans, and pools

Lives in

Miami, Florida

Garrison Feldman is the oldest of the group. He is a hydrophobe, meaning he is afraid of water (pools, lakes, rivers etc.) He is from Miami, and lives in a house far from a lake or river. He is big for his age and is a jock. Madeleine has a major crush on him. In the third book, he admits he likes her back.

Apperance Edit

Personality Edit

Madeline has a crush on him and once Garrison admitted to himself that he thought she was cute. In the third book, Madeline was confronted on her crush and Garrison admitted he liked her back.


- He seems to hate the word "Pansy" so much he was able to cross a bridge above water. 

- He is liked by many girls, but has a crush on Ashley Minelli, whom Madeleine is jealous of, as implied. However, when confronting Sylvie, he said he used to like Ashley, and now has a crush on Madeleine back.

- He likes Madeleine, admitting she was cute in the first book, (in his head) and said he liked her while defending her from Sylvie. Their relationship is currently unclear.

- He was freaked out when Theo was talking in his sleep about needing to go back to the water.

-His real name is "Freddy", but prefers to go by his middle name "Garrison"

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