Hyacinth Hicklebee-Riyatulle




Being alone

Lives in

Kansas City, Missouri

Hyacinth Hicklbee-Riyatulle is a 10 year old student who is peppy and talkative. She came to the school in the second book as the new student. Her father is Indian, (from India) while her mom is American. They sent Hyacinth to School of Fear because she grabs too much attention from her parents and her siblings dislike it. She likes singing and playing with the harmonica, often annoying her parents. Her main source of comfort from her fear, isolophobia, which is the fear of being alone, is trying to be everyone's "bestie" (an abbriviation for best friend). She even spills the secret about School of Fear to Sylvie Montgomery to have her as a friend. Hyacinth wants everyone to use her nickname; Hyacinth and has even made up others (Mad Mad for Madeleine, Gar Gar for Garrison, Carrots for Lulu, etc.) Her companion is her pet ferret Celery who likes to nap in people mouths. Hyacinth insults people through Celery and blames Celery for most things she does. This is most displayed when Hyacinth said that Celery thought that Theo was a marshmallow to which he retorted that he had a graham cracker (Lulu), chocolate (Garrison) and fire (Madeline) and that he is actually a s'more.

Hyacinth is strongly disliked by many of her classmates, Lulu in particular. However, she seems to be good friends with Abernathy, who is Mrs. Wellington's step-son. She loves to sing (though mostly it's off-key), which is how she managed to coax Abernathy to leave the forest so that Mrs. Wellington could treat his fear of step-mothers. Abernathy believes that Hyacinth sings like an angel.

She is a lonely girl who tends to drive people away with her obsessive need to be with someone else at all times. She is desperate to make friends, (as mentioned) and clingy, but in all, has good intentions and is very sweet under all her peppiness.


Madeline - So called bestie

Garrison - So called bestie

Theo - So callled bestie

Lulu - So called bestie

Mrs. Wellington - The teacher of School of Fear

Abernathy - Mrs. Wellington's stepson and Hyacinth's singing partner

Schmidty - Mrs. Wellington's assistant/slave/servant/other important things.

Celery - Her pet ferret